Jumpers and St Catherine's Ward

Co-Option: Deadline has now passed

The Town Council following its meeting of the 17th January 2022 has opened the process to Co-opt a new councillor. This follows the resignation of a councillor in the Jumpers and St Catherine’s Ward and where a by-election has not been called. There is currently ONE vacancy in the Jumpers and St Catherine’s Ward. Information about what it means to serve as a local councillor is available here:

All About Local Councils – National Association of Local Councils

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The Town Council has a co-option policy which is available below:

Co-option-Policy.pdf (christchurch-tc.gov.uk)

Those interested in becoming a local councillor and serving on the Council should read the policy and ensure they meet the qualification criteria as follows: Are a British or Commonwealth citizen, a citizen of a Member state of the European Union, over 18, are an elector, and have for the whole of the twelve months before the date of co-option have either resided in the parish of Christchurch or within 3 miles of it, or occupied as owner or tenant any land or premises in the parish of Christchurch, or had their principal or only place of work in Christchurch.

The policy also highlights those criteria which also disqualify those who are interested in sitting on the Council.

Once satisfied such criteria are met please do forward a CV and some background information about yourself including reasons why you wish to be a councillor.

All details should be sent to the Town Clerk at the addresses below.

Those who are interested and are unsure if they meet the qualification or disqualification criteria are advised to write to the Town Clerk in the first instance by email to:


or via letter at:

Christchurch Town Council, Old Town Hall, 30 High Street, Christchurch. BH23 1EA.

The policy requires this window to be open for 4 weeks and the window shall close on the 16th February 2022 at the close of business. After which such applications shall progress in accordance with the policy.

Town Clerk – 19th January 2022