Christchurch's Coronation Commemoration

The Town Council became freeholders of this hall in April 2019 following Local Government Re-Organisation in Dorset and the abolition of Christchurch Borough Council. Druitt Hall is situated in the heart of central Christchurch in close proximity to the library and the High Street. Built in 1953 using public funds the hall serves community interests and groups on a regular basis.

The facility offers a large main hall space, a modern kitchen which is fully equipped as well as a modern meeting room space. The building also is compliant with the Equality Act 2010 allowing users who are less able to use the facility.

Possible future renovations

Recently the Town Council has allowed the installation of a community defibrillator to be installed on the building and is currently looking to upgrade the hall facility through the installation of windows and possible future renovations to secure the long-term future of the hall. The hall is currently leased to the Druitt Hall Community Association who provide the day-to-day running of the facility from room-bookings through to general enquiries etc..

More details about this community resource can be found at the Druitt Hall website.

Druitt Hall Front Elevation