What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

All planning applications are assessed against policies and criteria set out in both national and local policies, as well as legal matters.

Nationally the National Planning Policy Framework (“NPPF”) sets out the “high level” policies; with the local level plans being set by Local Planning Authorities (usually Unitary, Borough, District Councils). The local level plans are called “Local Plans”.

As a Town Council the law allows for the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan in consultation with the local community. Once a plan has been created and has passed a referendum and been adopted by the Local Planning Authority it shall become a factor to consider when planning applications are assessed.

This means that the Local Planning Authority are obliged by law to consider the Neighbourhood Plan. As a mechanism to influence the places and spaces we live in, Christchurch Town Council has set out on this journey.

Christchurch Town Boundary Map

What areas in Christchurch will benefit?

The Neighbourhood Plan covers the whole of the Town Council jurisdiction and all 5 Wards across Christchurch. This means that the policies will have a bearing on each area and community in Christchurch ensuring that matters such as highways, heritage, design, green spaces and parks meet sustainable goals for shaping how Christchurch looks in the future.

Where Can I get more information?

Do also follow the Town Council’s Facebook page for more updates about consultations or open days; or email the Town Clerk asking to add your name to the Council’s subscription service for email newsletter and updates.