Christchurch Town Hall

Established in 2019

Christchurch Town Council was established following Local Government Re-Organisation across Dorset in 2019. Along with many communities across the county, the Council was created to give a voice to the town. Alongside Highcliffe and Walkford, Burton, Hurn, Throop and Holdenhurst parish and village Councils  – residents across the BCP Council area now participate in daily decisions which impact upon the local issues which really matter to them.

Christchurch Town Council since its inception now has an established and respected voice in all Planning matters relating to the town; the award of community grants and initiatives adding to the social and pastoral welfare of the town, as well as contributing to emerging policy decisions from its Unitary neighbour – BCP Council.

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Christchurch Town Boundary Map

Christchurch Town Boundary Map

With 19 councillors elected across 5 Wards, as well as being the custodian of the Office of the Mayor of Christchurch, the town council strives to recognise the rich heritage and historic origins of the town where all who live, work and visit here can feel a sense of pride.

As custodians of key sites such as Christchurch Quay and acting as overseers of all events brought to that site, as well as managing numerous other assets such as 3 managed allotment sites and progressing work on a Neighbourhood Plan times have been extraordinarily busy. Since 2019 much has been achieved and learned during an extremely fast and ever changing political and social landscape. Do take a look around the website to see what we’re doing. In summary, the Town Council’s Mission Statement best sums up what I have struggled above to emphasise:

For Fidelity, For Freedom”

“The Town Council acknowledges its heritage, and values lessons from the past to help shape and guide a collective future for all. This simple motto stands as a benchmark in delivering accountable public services for all that live, work and visit Christchurch. The Council is committed to the following values

  1. We are committed to our community
  2. We shall carry out what we say
  3. We embrace knowledge to learn and adapt
  4. We strive for excellence

Christchurch Town Council—Full Council, 20 September 2019 Minute No.93

Daniel Lucas  – Town Clerk.

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