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Welcome to Christchurch

Christchurch Town Council was established following Local Government Re-Organisation across Dorset in 2019. Christchurch Town Council exists to defend the interests of all local citizens, maintain the values and traditions of fidelity and freedom in accordance with the town’s historic borough status and act as a local strategic asset manager, helping to maintain and create new public facilities and events that serve the public interest.

Christchurch Town Council operates a committee structure that gives a strong local voice and scrutiny opportunities on matters of civic life whilst providing day to day services, including:

  • Providing representation and advice to the BCP Council in its capacity as the Local Planning Authority (LPA)
  • Managing key local recreational, green space assets and statutory allotment sites.
  • A key coordinator of local stakeholders, working with residents associations, local civic interest groups, business improvement districts and statutory partnerships.
  • A direct democratic voice, offering opportunities for all local citizens to raise topics of concern and highlight matters of public interest.
  • Assessing opportunities to deliver improvements to public assets and the public realm
  • Acting as a local centre point for Christchurch’s diverse and vibrant community.
Christchurch Town Boundary Map

Christchurch Civic Boundaries

Christchurch is served by 19 councillors elected across 5 Wards. Christchurch Town Council operates the  Office of the Mayor of Christchurch in accordance with Christchurch’s inherited ancient customs. Members of the Council are directly accountable to all of Christchurch’s citizens, and act as a primary point for residents, businesses and organisations to raise issues and seek support from Members in making positive, civic change.

Christchurch is split into five electoral divisions known as “wards”. Each ward is served by its respective Ward Councillors. You can find out who your ward councillors are under the Councillors Section.

There are many opportunities to get involved in what is taking place across the town, and speaking to your local councillors is a great way to learn about opportunities to get involved.  The Town Council handles a broad range of local matters with public engagement opportunities available on matters including:

  • Creating a prosperous and enduring environment through the adoption of a Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Taking part in local events
  • Shaping your local community
  • Having your say on sustainability, open spaces management and the future use of land.If you’re not sure who your Ward Councillors are, you can get in touch with the Council’s Officer team.
Christchurch Town Council Coat Of Arms

Strategic Plan & Armorial Bearings

For more information on the Town Council’s historic grant of arms and the Borough Armorial Bearings, you can view the civic handbook in the Council’s Policies & Documentation section.

Christchurch Town Council Strategic Plan 2021-2025.

History of the Town Council’s Grant of Arms

Her Majesty’s grant of Transfer of Arms by Royal Warrant to Christchurch Town Council