Community Committee

The supervision and management of the Town Council’s: 

Recreation grounds, Open spaces & allotments and land interests.

The furtherance and pursuit of health and well-being by co-operation with local sports clubs and associations with leisure, recreational and past-time activities as part of its cause; 

The advancement of the present recreational facilities available; 

The promotion of the arts and heritage across the Town; 

The oversight and management of large external events held upon Town Council land and the grant of licences accordingly; 

The exercise of statutory functions relating to nominations of assets of community value, Town Greens and those discretionary powers outside the terms of reference of the Planning and Regulatory Committee; 

Matter relating specifically to Druitt Gardens and Hall. 

Delegated to Community Committee

  1. To be responsible for the supervision and management of the Town Council’s recreation grounds and open spaces; 
  2. To be responsible for the supervision and management of the Town Council’s allotments and land interests; 
  3. To liaise with external organisations, and other local authorities responsible for providing sport and recreation; 
  4. To be responsible for the advancement and maximisation of the use of the Town Council’s recreational offering; 
  5. To promote and encourage an expansion of sport and leisure activities within the community 
  6. To promote and encourage the arts and conservation and heritage of the Town; 
  7. To recommend to Resources Committee any changes required in terms of the management and supervision of the Town Council’s recreation grounds, open spaces and allotments, including personnel; 
  8. To oversee and recommend to Council any changes to the Council’s annual budget concerning the Terms of Reference of the Committee; 
  9. To liaise and promote the holding of events upon Town Council property and oversee any application process for large external events including the grant or otherwise of a licence to hold the event; 
  10. To recommend to Resources Committee charges, rates and fees for services within the purview of the Committee. 

2023-24 Agendas and Minutes

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