Planning and Regulatory Committee

Planning recommendations (objections, approvals or neutral) to the Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Unitary Council (the “Unitary Council”); 

The consideration of comment and participation in planning appeals (inclusive of all planning related matters such as enforcement, tree works consent, compulsory purchase or otherwise within the remit of the Planning Acts and associated regulations); 

The recommendation to the Unitary Council of the issue of formal Notices concerning enforcement, as well as notices such as section 215 notices (untidy land notices) not considered “enforcement” by the 1990 Act; 

Highway, footpath and waterway matters; 

To monitor traffic management through the town and its environs and make the necessary recommendations as appropriate; 

To monitor Tree Preservation Orders and those trees within Conservation Areas as defined; 

To monitor Christchurch Town Council’s Conservation Areas and issues relating to such; 

To monitor tourism and employment across the town; 

To monitor the tidiness of the Town; 

To encourage conservation and environmental protection and the furtherance of bio-diversity across the Town and its environs; 

Matters relating to the Licensing Act 2003 and associated Regulations, as well as those Acts which deal with environmental protection inclusive of air quality, pest control, pollution control and statutory nuisances inclusive of litter. 

Matters relating to Neighbourhood Planning under the Planning Acts, The Localism Act 2011 and associated Acts and Regulations and making recommendations
to Full Council as appropriate.

Delegated to the Planning and Regulatory Committee

  1. To comment on all planning applications and associated applications including those related to listed buildings and conservation areas, advertisements, trees, and so on. To delegate to the Town clerk as necessary to comment upon any application before the Unitary Council which is placed before a Committee or otherwise of the Unitary Council for its consideration within the terms of the comment as resolved by the Committee. Such delegation may direct the Town Clerk to appear in person before the Committee of the Unitary Council to present the Town Council’s comments; 
  2. To recommend the service of any statutory notice under the Planning Acts or associated primary and secondary legislation including matters relating to enforcement, compulsory purchase and so on; 
  3. To respond on behalf of the Council to planning appeals and the consideration of whether the Town Council should appear in person at an appeal; 
  4. To oversee and recommend to Council any changes to the Council’s annual budget concerning the Terms of Reference of the Committee; 
  5. To liaise with other agencies on matters concerning roads, footpaths and waterways; 
  6. To monitor on behalf of the Council the tidiness of the town; 
  7. To be responsible for the Conservation Area issues in the town; 
  8. To liaise with statutory undertakers and local authorities on matters relating to their own street furniture, signage, building structures and public seating; 
  9. To be responsible to the Council for any action in respect of conservation and environmental protection; 
  10. To assist other agencies with the promotion of tourism and employment across the town, including but not limited to signage; 
  11. To be responsible for the Town Council’s public lighting; 
  12. To make representations where appropriate to the Unitary Council in matters concerning the Licensing Act 2003 and other regulatory Acts. 
  13. The oversight and management of the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan and the recommendation to Full
    Council of the finalised plan.