Resources Committee

Resources Committee

Receive financial statements on the Council’s accounts; 

The preparation of the Annual Accounts; 

Grants to outside bodies; 

The fixing of charges and rents and fees taking in to account recommendations from Council or other Committees; 

The instruction and authorisation and negotiation of land transactions; 

Preparation of any leases and the heads of terms for such leases; 

The overview and management of any insurance provision required of the Town council; 

The overview and management of any office equipment and furniture required by the Town council; 

The management and maintenance of the Council’s buildings; 

The management and performance of the Council’s staff including annual appraisal of the Clerk and recommendations to Council as appropriate; 

Matters relating to salaries and pensions of the Council’s staff; 

Assigning co-signatories to the Council’s Bank accounts and updating as and when required. 

Delegated to the Resources Committee:

  1. To receive the Town Clerk’s report on the position of the Council’s account at least once per cycle; 
  2. To oversee and recommend to Council any changes to the Council’s annual budget concerning the Terms of Reference of the Committee; 
  3. To consider and determine applications for grant aid; 
  4. To fix charges for services, licences and fees within the purview of the committee taking into account recommendations from Council or other Committees; 
  5. To fix rents for any premises under the control of the committee; 
  6. To negotiate land transactions on behalf of the Council including the content of leases; 
  7. To be responsible for all of the Council’s insurance matters; 
  8. To be responsible for the repair and maintenance of all the Council’s built assets, fixtures and fittings with the exception of any shelters upon open space/recreational land which falls within the purview of Community Committee; 
  9. To deal with the Council’s Human Resources including matters relating to staff such as performance, salaries and pensions, as well as hiring and dismissal and make recommendations to Council as necessary. 

2021-22 Agendas and Minutes

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